Meet Our Team

John Wessinger- Founder

(1937-2010) John Wessinger was born and raised in Ann Arbor. He completed his studies in Business Administration at Eastern Michigan University. While still an undergraduate student, John and several close friends started a painting company called ‘Modern Painters.’ This venture resulted in a lifetime fascination and commitment to giving new life to older properties. He purchased his first rental house in 1968, and Wessinger Properties was born and would later become his full time vocation. In the early 1970’s, John joined the faculty at the University of Michigan Dearborn Campus as the Chairman of the Business Internship Program where he placed many students in authentic business opportunities throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area. John was an early member of the Washtenaw Area Apartment Association, where he was a staunch advocate for quality student housing. He was a businessman who believed in supporting local companies and encouraged many to build their own businesses under his tutelage. His family is proud to carry on his legacy of Wessinger Properties.

Lelahni Wessinger

Lelahni has a BA in Journalism and an MA in Telecommunication Arts from the University of Michigan. She became active in the formation of the Tenants’ Union in the late 60s, as a tenant, and has served as President of the Washtenaw Area Apartment Association, as a landlord. Her interests in the improvement of rental housing were reflected in the many city boards and task forces she has sat on over four decades. She married John Wessinger in 1976 and they made a great team in real estate, eventually acquiring and managing almost two dozen properties around the UofM campus. Now retired from the day to day operations of Wessinger Properties, she remains involved as an owner and can still be spotted riding her electric bicycle around campus, checking on the properties and planning the next project.

Nick Else

Nick was born in Ann Arbor in 1970 and came into John Wessinger’s family in 1976 when John married his mother Lelahni. By that time, Wessinger Properties had already become a successful property management business and was a daily part of Nick’s life from that point forward. Assisting his father with maintenance, cleaning, and lawncare throughout his childhood and teen years, Nick took a break from Ann Arbor and received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hope College. After graduating, he moved back to Ann Arbor and officially began working for Wessinger Properties. Nick took over full management of the business in 2010 upon John’s death. Since then, Wessinger Properties has added 3 more rental properties to it’s portfolio. He takes great pride in the properties and strives to continue to provide quality student housing and service at reasonable prices.

Jordan Else

Originally introduced to Nick by a mutual friend, Nick and Jordan met in 2012 while she was pursuing her Masters in Nursing at the University of Michigan and working as a hospice nurse. They married in 2014, just as she was beginning her career as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. After having their first son in 2015, she decided her heart was at home with the children and the business. Today, she happily manages office operations, leasing, communication, and assists with design of remodeling projects. She has become a critical and valuable component to the Wessinger Properties operations.

Maintenance Staff

Currently, we have 2 full time maintenance persons and sometimes hire additional seasonal help as needed.

Samuel Holton (left in pic) has been with us since early 2019. He is responsible for daily maintenance, lawn care, snow shoveling/plowing, remodeling work and assisting on leasing as needed. He is also usually our on-call guy when Nick is not available. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and prior to working for Wessinger Properties, he worked in construction services sales.

Brett Day (right in pic) joined our team in February 2020. Brett has a variety of experiences in both sales, design and construction. He has already proved to be a valuable addition to our crew.

Ezra Dreffs (not pictured) joined our team as a seasonal employee in the spring of 2021. He has prior experience in maintenance and landscaping. Currently Ezra is a seasonal employee as he continues his pursuit of a BS in Business at Saginaw Valley State University. Ezra is from the Ann Arbor area, so we will have Ezra working off and on throughout the school year as his school schedule allows and he will be back in the summer of 2022.

Dustin Lang (not pictured) has worked with us since 2010 and has a wide range of skills. He currently works seasonally with us as an independent contractor through the winter months on custom tile installations.

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