Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to the off-campus housing market or a savvy apartment veteran, there are many frequently asked questions when deciding on a place to live. Here is a short compilation of some of the most common questions we hear from prospective residents. Of course, you can always call us if you’d like and we would be happy to answer your questions in person too.

Q: Is Wessinger Properties one of those huge, impersonal management companies?

A: No. We are a family owned and run business. We take pride in our buildings and strive provide quality, personal service.


Q: When do your leases begin and do you have 8 or 12 month leases?

A: Almost all of our leases begin either early May or early September. All leases are for a 12 month period.


Q: Can I just go knock on the door of the property I want to see?

A: We discourage our residents from allowing people in to look at properties without an appointment. It is unsafe for current residents to get in the habit of letting people in without appointments and is also an invasion of their privacy. We will be happy to set up an appointment to go see a property with you or your group. We usually only need about 24 hours notice to arrange this.


Q: What do I need to sign the lease? Do my parents have to co-sign?

A: You will only need a security deposit check which equals 1 1/2 of a month’s rent. No prep fees are charged and no credit checks are needed. We will, however, need previous rental references. We assume that since our residents are legal adults, they will be fully, personally, responsible for their lease and therefore we do not require parental co-signers. For more leasing info, please see our Leasing Info page.


Q: Is subleasing ok? What about pets, smoking, etc.?

A: Subleasing is allowed with permission on a case by case basis. Please see our Leasing Info page for more on this. Pets and smoking are not allowed in our properties. Some of our buildings do have outside areas where smoking is acceptable.


Q: I want to be able to have parties, is that allowed?

A: This is a delicate subject. We take a lot of pride in our properties and thus are very concerned about how they are treated. We expect our residents to respect us, our property and their neighbors as well as obey any laws that pertain to drinking, clean community, and noise ordinances. We are very alert property owners and want to work with our residents to achieve a harmonious balance between fun and responsibility. We are now including in our lease a restriction on BeerPong tables and any other binge drinking games or apparatus on our property. We hope that our residents can find responsible, controlled ways of enjoying partying without putting themselves, the property or others at risk. Coincidentally, the Ann Arbor Police department expects us to do this, as there is an increasing problem with parties and underage drinking in off-campus properties. We are very closely involved with the city’s Crime Task Force which is a community-based crime prevention committee focused on safety and crime in the campus areas so we need to set a good example.


Q: Do your properties come furnished? What’s included with the rent; internet, utilities, parking, etc.?

A: Each of our units are unique in what they offer as far as furniture and what is included. Each unit’s description will specify these details.

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