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Wessinger Properties has been providing quality rental housing to the Ann Arbor and University of Michigan community for over 55 years. We take pride in our properties and strive to provide quiet and well-maintained, reasonably priced spaces for our residents to feel at home and achieve their goals. We are a small, family owned and operated business and we take a very hands-on approach to the everyday management of the buildings- and we only manage properties that we own. Our residents know that we are accessible and dedicated, and that we handle everything, from routine maintenance to the leasing, ourselves….there is no out-sourcing to a huge management company that doesn’t even know your name. Meet Our Team!

Our properties are located throughout the Ann Arbor area. While a majority of them are in traditional University of Michigan “student” neighborhoods, we also have buildings in predominantly residential areas, as well as near downtown Main St., Kerrytown, and Ann Arbor’s Old West Side.  All of our properties are well-maintained and are unique in their appointments and character. Each has it’s own story; from historic 408 West Liberty (the Albert Mann house, built in 1891) to 417 Hill (a quaint, unassuming house in which Mrs. Wessinger lived during graduate school). Please check our current listings for current availability. We ask that if you would like to see a property, please contact us to set up a showing time. We discourage people from knocking on doors out of respect for our current residents.
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